March 2021 – quick book update

Hello everybody,
I just want to drop a quick book update here.

In those last weeks I was mainly working on some wind turbine design stuff for the book. As you know, the Piggott design is a DIY wind turbine concept. While there is a general approach in the community for most things, several possible ways of building or designing turbine parts do exist. For example, there are multiple versions of rear axis car or trailer hubs available that we can use as turbine main bearings. These can require slightly different steelwork for mounting it to the turbine frames.

Some parameters in the generator can also vary with the chosen application of the wind turbine. For example, a different alternator winding can be necessary for a grid tied turbine compared to a battery charging off grid turbine. While this stuff is not new, I do believe it’s worth to pay a closer look and run some simulations before designs go into a book.

I am also working on a new blade carving approach that saves time and work compared to the traditional “Wind Turbine Recipe Book” workflow. I used that new workflow in my hands-on courses for years and it worked quite well but it has never been released for the larger machine sizes in the ferrite generator wind turbine range.

Apart from book work, I focus on organizing the next hands-on wind turbine workshops for this year. These workshops are my main occupation and income for many years and they alway require some work in advance, even more this year due to pandemic related stuff.

However, I am giving my best on all this work as I believe in the whole thing: learning to do hands on stuff for sustainability and independence. In practical courses and through good books.

All the best,

Originally published on the Piggott wind turbine DIY book crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Jonathan Schreiber
I started PureSelfMade in 2013 to develop and spread practical knowledge on homebuilt small wind turbines, independent energy systems, off-grid lifestyle and more. In my hands-on workshop courses I teach simple and effective solutions for those subjects and share my enthusiasm with like minded people. Read about my background.

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