The Wind Turbine
DIY Book
by Jonathan Schreiber & Hugh Piggott.

New plans for building the Ferrite Generator Wind Turbines.
Designs from 600W to about 3kW.
Build everything yourself – Ideal for Off-Grid and DIY enthusiasts!

Available in English and German language.


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From the field – for the field.

The book will give you all the essential information you need to build your own wind turbine and use it for your energy supply. We use a simple and practical approach and open source solutions wherever possible:

  • Wind Turbines from: 2m – 4m rotor diameter
  • Detailed instruction for the whole building process
  • Off-grid and grid-tie systems
  • Plans for building the tower to carry the wind turbine
  • Turbine maintenance guide
  • Options to combine the wind turbine with PV,  battery storage, MPPT controllers, dump load controllers, etc.

The book is made for those who want to create something. Everything is based on real experience.

The Piggott Wind Turbine is widely considered as the best design for home made wind turbines world wide with over 40. years of continuous development by the community. The wind turbines shown here are easy to build, efficient, robust and long lasting – at low complexity and material cost. That makes it ideal for sustainable renewable energy systems, on and off the grid.

The used materials are simple and easy to get and the turbines can be built with basic tools and workshop equipment.

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About the book

by the author, Jonathan Schreiber

This book is the result of 10 years teaching hands-on DIY courses for small wind turbines in which over 50 wind turbines with more than 500 people have been built.

The book combines all learnings and developments from those projects and presents them in a usable and understandable way for practical application and to serve as an additional tool for knowledge transfer. Everything is focused on real life hands-on situations.

The goal is to provide all the field tested and proven knowledge you need to build your own wind turbine while having a great time. Therefore I take great care to include all the little details that make a difference when building a wind turbine.

The book also wants to support and encourage a DIY culture of self sufficiency and independence – values that the world really needs in my opinion. Making your own energy is cool, but building your own system with a wind turbine is even better.

I do put a lot of heart into this project since I am a guy who learns by doing things and gets his hands dirty. As a child I enjoyed looking at technical drawings and instructions on how to build stuff. My goal is to make a book which I would have gotten excited about as a kid.

Our upgraded 2.2F16p Wind Turbine


The wind turbine installed on a remote off-grid site



Work with Hugh Piggott

A main factor and inspiration in the creation of this Book is my friend from Scotland, Hugh Piggott. Hugh lives off the grid in Scotland and has been working on DIY concepts for small wind turbines since the 1970s, becoming a leading expert in the field. He has designed his own well known wind turbines with the typical Axial Flux generator which are the base on which this new book is built on.

I have met Hugh in 2012 and visited him in Scotland many times to experiment with homebuilt small wind turbines. This is where I have drawn much inspiration for my projects.
Hugh is my Co-Author and Mentor on the creation of this DIY book.

The new book will be centered around the wind turbine designs using axial flux generators with ferrite magnets. These are the wind turbines that I build regularly in our PureSelfMade hands-On courses. The designs with ferrite magnets bring some advantages in lifetime, costs and environmental footprint.

Book Project Timeline

What has begun as a casual project some years ago soon became bigger than expected: There is a lot of work that goes into the creation of such a book. Not only texts need to be good. Technical drawings and the descriptions of workflows make up a large part of this projects. Also what goes into the book needs to be tested and tried in real life field tests.

It’s as they say: The bible wasn’t written within a day. However, I am glad that now after those last two years there is an end in sight. This has clearly come a long way and is on the road to completion. Around the book project, The PureSelfMade Project has in itself evolved and expanded, which is exciting. We are on a good path.

Regular Updates can be found on our original Crowdfunding-Page

Book Project Outline diagram PureSelfMade

Important aspects of the project. Most of them run in parallel actually.

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You will get notified as soon as the book is available for purchase.

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