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Wind Turbine Courses

Learn how to build a small wind turbine. From simple materials using the Piggott turbine design.

Get a wide range of practical knowledge skills a knowledge on small wind energy systems.
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Our Wind Turbine
Do-It-Yourself Book
by Jonathan Schreiber & Hugh Piggott.

New plans for building the Ferrite Generator Wind Turbines.
Designs from 600W to about 3kW.
Available in English and German language.

We are running a crowdfunding campaign
where you can get the first printed copies.

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Book Overview

The book is intended to give you all the essential information you need to build your own wind turbine and create an independent off grid system, using a simple and practical approach and open source solutions wherever possible.

  • 3 Wind Turbine sizes: 2F, 3F, 4F
  • Detailed instruction for the whole building process
  • Plans for building your tower to carry the wind turbine
  • Turbine maintenance tips
  • A system design part on how to combine your turbine with solar panels and battery storage to make the best use of your homemade electricity.

The Story 

This is a collaborative project between Jonathan from PureSelfMade and Hugh Piggott with the aim to collect the various new ferrite generator turbine concepts (F-Series) in a clean manual and make them available to the community of DIY practitioners. It will be a follow-up to the legendary “Wind Turbine Recipe Book” by Hugh, including the latest concepts, tricks and achievements in Piggott wind turbine manufacturing collected over the past years.

The crowdfunding campaign was born to support the project financially for the first round of printing by giving away copies as a pre-sale.


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Universities & Schools

Our practically focused workshops offer a complete hands-on experience in the field of renewable energy. 

We have established several successful collaborations with universities & schools in the past years.

Our practical approach gives engineering and physics a new face. It allows students to discover their talents and build confidence for their later career.

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32    wind turbines built with PureSelfMade

350     people inspired in our workshops

We did projects in the following countries:
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Hi, I'm Jonathan

Hi, I'm Jonathan

founder / project coordinator / workshop teacher

I started PureSelfMade to develop and spread DIY knowledge on renewable energies. I believe in simple and effective solutions. I'm an enthusiast on home built small wind turbines, off-grid systems and other DIY projects. I teach hands-on workshops and publish on I enjoy making people see things from a different perspective! > Read about my background

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