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Wind Turbine Courses

Learn how to build a small wind turbine. From simple materials using the Piggott turbine design.

Get a wide range of practical knowledge skills a knowledge on small wind energy systems.
New courses  for 2023 now available!

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The Wind Turbine DIY Book
Jonathan Schreiber & Hugh Piggott

New plans for the Ferrite Generator Wind Turbines.
Designs from 600W to about 3kW.
Available in English and German language.

Based on Hugh Piggott’s famous
“Wind Turbine Recipe Book”

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We offer hands-on workshops and concepts for an independent energy supply with renewable energies.

We build fully working small wind turbines, off-grid energy systems, PV systems, battery storage banks and other interesting stuff – all based on practical workshops for direct knowledge exchange.

Focus always lies on solid and simple tech solutions that can easily be built and maintained by people themselves.

The main goal is to spread inspiration and confidence through practical experience, because true self-sufficiency means being able to create and maintain solutions instead of consuming them.

The workshops are for all people who want to learn something new and gain practical knowledge in these fields. We offer custom workshop formats for all needs: Open groups, schools & education projects, team building events, etc.







The project PureSelfMade…

…has been started in 2013 by Jonathan Schreiber in Austria. Jonathan’s enthusiasm for home built DIY projects, especially in the field of home built small wind turbine and soff-grid energy supply has been the driving force.

The vision of sharing field knowledge with fellow DIY people and empower them to do their own projects has led to the now known hands-on workshop courses.

 Hugh Piggott’s home built wind turbines have been a  major part of our activities from the beginning and Jonathan has been working with a lot with Hugh on various projects.

Through numerous Workshops and courses held in the past 10 years, activities have become more complex and diversified. They now include all aspects of off-grid energy: PV systems, battery storage, open-source electronic circuits and  research & development of new solutions that can help people be more independent.

PureSelfMade projects take place on an international basis.

Energy Task Force

Over the years we could grow a large network of enthusiastic experts in the field of off-grid energy, self-sufficient lifestyle and handcrafting. This network is a great foundation for extensive and ambitious projects. The goal for the future is to further cultivate this network and organize more collaborative projects where people can help each other on a regional level.




Here you can finde some blog reports from past projects.
Find all of them in our 

47    wind turbines built with PureSelfMade

500     people inspired in our courses

We did projects in the following countries:
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Hi, I'm Jonathan

Hi, I'm Jonathan

founder / project coordinator / workshop teacher

I started PureSelfMade to develop and spread DIY knowledge on renewable energies. I believe in simple and effective solutions. I'm an enthusiast on home built small wind turbines, off-grid systems and other DIY projects. I teach hands-on workshops and publish on PureSelfMade.com. I enjoy making people see things from a different perspective! > Read about my background

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