Radio controlled plane workshops

Since many years we build all kinds of radio controlled planes.

We started giving DIY workshops mostly on schools, where we built some RC models. We enjoy sharing knowledge with interested people. In those workshops we build everything from simple gliders to powerful electric planes. We never buy a ready-to-fly kit, everything we do is self-built! We mostly use Depron, a 6mm thick styrofoam sheet that works great for light-weight plane design. We work with brushless motors and LiPo batteries.

In the workshops people learn how to cut, grind, and glue materials like styrofoam and wood, set up an RC system, deal with electric things like motors and batteries, calculate wing & plane structure and many other things….

We teach these workshops on schools since 2011, mostly on a monthly basis.

The workshop format is flexible in terms of time schedule, content and the age of our participants.

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