A unique team building experience.

For those striving for the unconventional.

Building small wind turbines and more – we offer tailored teambuilding sessions and create meaningful experiences for dynamic groups.

Lets’s build something together.

Our teambuilding sessions are all about practical hands-on work, creative thinking and inspiring stories.  We offer projects and experiences in the field of hand built small wind turbines and  renewable energy systems. Often we would build a complete and fully functional small wind turbine in our sessions – a project that includes craftsmanship and requires team work to achieve the set goal.

Depending on the time frame and group objectives, session contents can be adapted with high flexibility to fit the group’s needs.

From a short session to a multi-day workshop program

Through the planning phase we will identify key points and objectives for your team and find out if the session shall be more focused on hands-on activities, inspiring talks or theoretical presentations.

We then put together an individual Program which fits the desired time frame.

  • Available formats range from a short session (2h) to a multi-day workshop.
  • The group size is flexible.
  • We are based in Austria and Germany although international sessions are possible and common.

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About Jonathan

“I use my field experience in hands-on DIY engineering and renewable energies to provide an unforgettable and meaningful experience for groups and teams.

My inspiration is drawn form many exciting projects done with PureSelfMade and I particularly enjoy working with people and groups, sharing useful skills and knowledge.”

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