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Wind Turbine Courses

Learn how to build a Piggott wind turbine for independent energy production.

With Jonathan Schreiber. Get a wide range of practical field knowledge and skills on small & homebuilt wind energy systems.

Here you find everything about our classic hands-on courses.

Wind Turbine Courses


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The Wind Turbine DIY Book
Jonathan Schreiber & Hugh Piggott

New plans for the Ferrite Generator Wind Turbines.
Updated designs from 600W to about 3kW.
Available in English and German language.

Check the latest news about the book project.

Wind Turbine DIY Book

Watch the Video about Jonathan’s mission of creating a new DIY wind turbine book and empower hand crafting Enthusiasts.

Youtube Video

Material Supplies for homebuilt wind turbines // DIY Kit

We will soon be offering materials, jigs and moulds for home built wind turbine projects.

This is to support the ambitious folks who like to get their hands dirty and embark on the journey of building a wind small turbine. A proper source of Materials will go in hand with the new Book that provides the needed knowledge.

We will offer all materials for the build that are sometimes harder to get: Magnets, Winding Wire, Steel discs, etc. and possibly some pre-built components. There will also be a set of moulds and jigs that help in the process. 

Everything will be done in collaboration with small & local businesses. Stay tuned!

55  wind turbines built with PureSelfMade

Around  600 people participated in our wind turbine courses

Hands-on workshops and concepts for independent energy.

We build fully functional small wind turbines, off-grid energy systems, PV systems, battery storage banks and other interesting things – all based on very practical hands-on workshop courses.

The focus is always on solid and simple technical solutions that people can easily build and maintain themselves.

Our main aim is to spread inspiration and confidence through practical experience.
We believe that true self-sufficiency means being able to create and maintain solutions, not just consume them.

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn something new and gain practical knowledge. We offer tailored workshop formats to suit all needs: Open groups, schools & educational institutions, team building events, etc.

Jonathan am Windrad

Windrad Workshop

About PureSelfMade

The Project was born in 2013 by Jonathan Schreiber in Austria.
Jonathan’s enthusiasm for technical DIY projects, particularly involving home built small wind turbines and off-grid power is the driving force behind our activities.

The vision of sharing his field knowledge with other DIYers and empowering them to carry out their own projects has led to the now renowned hands-on workshop courses.

Hugh Piggott’s home built wind turbines have been a major part of our activities from the outset. Jonathan was greatly inspired by the long periods he spent with Hugh off the grid in Scotland, working on various projects involving DIY-built wind turbines.

Through numerous workshops and courses held in the past 10 years, Jonathan’s activities with PureSelfMade have become more complex and diversified. They now cover many aspects of off-grid energy: PV systems, battery storage, open-source electronics and research & development of new solutions to help people become more independent.

Over the years we have built a large network of enthusiastic experts in the field of off-grid energy, self-sufficient lifestyle and craftsmanship, which is a great foundation for future projects. The aim is to further develop this network, create a larger community around our projects and develop additional resources to add depth and value to our work.

Based in Austria, PureSelfMade projects often take place internationally.


Here you can finde some blog reports from past projects.

Hi, I'm Jonathan

Hi, I'm Jonathan

founder / project coordinator / workshop teacher

I started PureSelfMade in 2013 to develop and spread practical knowledge on homebuilt small wind turbines, independent energy systems, off-grid lifestyle and more. In my hands-on workshop courses I teach simple and effective solutions for those subjects and share my enthusiasm with like-minded people.
Read about my background here.