Coil winding video

Originally posted in 2012, this post has been updated in 2016. -Jonathan

In 2012, I was building my first axial flux wind turbine alternator. Back then, I did only know the Piggott wind turbine design from the internet. I didn’t even have Hugh’s book, so I just calculated everything myself. I was surprised how well it turned out! 😉

During the construction of the alternator, I developed some ideas for coil winding an made this video. Some ideas from it have already been used by a large community!


For more videos check my YouTube Cannel.

Jonathan Schreiber
I started PureSelfMade in 2013 to develop and spread practical knowledge on homebuilt small wind turbines, independent energy systems, off-grid lifestyle and more. In my hands-on workshop courses I teach simple and effective solutions for those subjects and share my enthusiasm with like minded people. Read about my background.

4 Responses to “Coil winding video

  • That’s cool. It’s nice to see other people at young age interested in DIY windpower. How did you became interested in this?

    • Hi Audun,
      I’m a technic freak since I was born.
      As I started my wind turbine work, I was 13 or 14 years old.
      Now I’m almost 19, and my interest is still alive (more than ever).
      I don’t have a technical graduation, I learned it by myself
      and from other interested people (my friends).
      I think thats my life, In near future i want to teach courses like Hugh’s in Austria (where I live),
      because we have enough wind but the builder’s scene is small…
      From 5 – 12 May i’m at the scoraig workshop with Hugh.


  • Thank you for that videos. Some of operations there were performed more economically than I did before. Educative material.

  • GREAT way to wind a coil,
    Thank you Jonathan

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