Scoraig wind turbine course collaboration with Hugh Piggott

Visiting Hugh Piggott on Scoraig became like a tradition over the last years. This year I supported Hugh as a co teacher at his annual turbine course – a great experience to teach side by side with my former teacher! Since I first got there to learn about small wind turbines, I feel connected to the place and its people.

Project facts:
Wind turbine construction course

  • Wind turbine type: 2,4m Piggott Recipe Book
  • Venue: Hugh Piggott’s home, Scoraig Peninsula, Scotland
  • Participants: Around 7
  • Date: April 2016
  • Associated project, hosted by Hugh Piggott

The whole visit was not only for the course, it was also as a general visit for the fun. I came straight from the south of France where I was staying with a friend to Scotland. Hugh and I spent some days preparing the course and doing some maintenance on other local wind turbines together. We even went through half of Scotland for a maintenance mission of a Proven wind turbine at a remote hostel.

Course crew after the installation

Then on some evening, the course participants arrived. We picked them up from the bus stop which is about 6 km away and brought them to Scoraig in a boat. Hugh’s courses are scheduled around the bus because it only goes 3 times a week. Traditionally for Scoraig, the course started by having dinner together and on the next morning with a theoretic presentation by Hugh about the wind turbine and off-grid life. Then we moved to the workshop and soon, everyone was busy working, learning and enjoying.

The stator casting process

The wind turbine we built was the 2,4 recipe book model. A good size to work on in a course and also more efficient than the smaller machines.

These courses on Scoraig are always special

It’s like visiting a species in its natural habitat. There are only off grid houses on Scoraig and therefore you feel the vibe in the air. The wind turbines are everywhere, powering peoples lives…

Chilling with Hugh’s family and home-brewed beer on the terrace after a busy workshop teaching day

After some days of work, we made a tour around the peninsula to check out several off grid systems around the place. We took down the “Nirvana” turbine, one of the first larger Piggott machines on Scoraig for a maintenance inspection. A great chance for the participants to see this in real life. There are all variations and sizes of systems around – just made up to serve its purpose best.

Visiting the “Nirvana Altenator” one of the first larger Piggott-Design wind turbines, built by Hugh Piggott and Alan Bush back in 2004

In the end of the week, once the turbine was finished, we erected it on a tower next door. The original machine from there was taken down for maintenance so the course machine served as a temporary replacement. It was a typical guy-wired tilt up tower with a small battery system in the house. We did some measurements of power and rpm on the newly built machine before we headed back to celebrate the success – as always with some good home brewed beer and good music!

Farewell to the course participants!

I was staying on Scoraig for two more weeks after the course to work on some turbine maintenance projects with Hugh, before moving on to give my next course in Aachen, Germany

Jonathan Schreiber
I started PureSelfMade in 2013 to develop and spread practical knowledge on homebuilt small wind turbines, independent energy systems, off-grid lifestyle and more. In my hands-on workshop courses I teach simple and effective solutions for those subjects and share my enthusiasm with like minded people. Read about my background.

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