Home-made renewable energy

Courses about home-made renewable energyIMG_20150612_105917

Learn how to make use of renewable energy sources – in a DIY way!

We want to show how simple it is to make your own energy from sun or wind, using home-built equipment. If you want to put up your own system for a camper van or just for your house – we can help you.

Learn how to set up an Off-Grid system on your own and how to use the energy in an effective way. We will look at different system components and find out how they work together. You will learn about batteries, charge controllers, inverters and other components. We will calculate component parameters on a practical basis. In the course we will build a temporary system and play around with different configurations.

We offer these workshops to a large audience. If it’s for a school, a university or just a group of interested do-it-yourself enthusiasts – we can adopt the content to fit all needs!

Let us know if you’re interested!