Build a wind turbine


and get life experience !


Developed in Scotland. Used worldwide. 


Pimp your education !

In a PureSelfMade wind turbine building course, you will gain a wide range of practical workshop knowledge and learn how to use small wind power for home made off-grid energy systems.

We use the Hugh Piggott wind turbine design.
Developed in the windy north of Scotland – used all over the world!

Practical working experience

Develop a range of working skills on Wood, Steel, Electric systems and custom made resin cast parts. Enjoy building something with your own hands and discover unknown talents!

DIY renewable energy overview

Learn how to use wind power in a simple home made way. Find out how independent off-grid systems work & how to set up on for yourself. Discover different system components and the reasons why we need them. 

Exchange & Inspiration

Spend time with a group of similar interest. Get inspiration, exchange about your ideas and learn from others. Enjoy creating something together.

Watch the Video!

See what really happens at a PureSelfMade wind turbine course!

Recorded in Aachen, Germany. More videos will follow soon!

12    Wind Turbines built on courses

124  Project participants inspired

Pojects done in the following countries:
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Hi, I'm Jonathan Schreiber

Hi, I'm Jonathan Schreiber

I'm an enthusiast for home built small wind turbines, off-grid systems and other DIY projects. I teach hands-on courses and publish on Empowering people and making them see things from a new perspective is what I enjoy! Read about my background.

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