DIY Wind Power – How it can be done // Online session

Wind Webinar main titleOnline session (Webinar) with Jonathan Schreiber
Friday, April 8th  2022    18:00-20:00  (Austrian time)

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How can we build a small wind turbine and use it for off-grid energy supply?

Learn what you need to make your homebuilt wind turbine project a success!

We will discuss everything from planning and site assessment to the actual build and erection of a small wind turbine.
The session will be focused on DIY and open-source solutions for small wind systems like the
Piggott Turbine Design.

We will talk about popular DIY ideas for wind turbines and what their benefits and downsides are.
Furthermore we will look at options for off-grid use, grid-tie systems, hybrid systems, combination with PV and battery storage.

The online session is a great supplement to out practical DIY Wind Turbine & Off-Grid Workshops, in which we build and install DIY wind turbines since more than 10 years.

These topics will be covered in the webinar session:

  • Where and when does a small wind turbine make sense?
  • How much energy production can I expect?
  • Which concepts are available?
  • Building a wind turbine yourself: what works, what does not. Honest experiences from the field.
  • Off-grid systems, grid-tie operation, battery storage, combination of wind and PV, hybrid systems… 
  • Charge controllers for wind, diversion dump-load controllers, DIY options, also for Lithium batteries.
  • The Piggott axial-flux wind turbine design: Freedom and flexibility
  • What is allowed: Legal information regarding small wind turbines

It will be possible to bring up your own topic and ask questions in the session.

Jonathan Schreiber

Presenter: Jonathan Schreiber

„I have tried many things in over 15 years of work with home built small wind turbines and off-grid energy systems.
Most inspiring were my numerous visits to the Scoraig peninsula, where I did participated in some great wind turbine projects with Hugh Piggott.
It’s always a pleasure for me to share experience and knowledge with fellow DIY enthusiasts in practical hands-on workshops and projects”

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Language: English

Time & Date:  Friday, April 8th  2022    18:00-20:00  (Austrian time)

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