Wind Turbine

Learn how to build yourself a small wind turbine, Hand made & from simple materials.

Get a wide range of practical workshop skills and background knowledge on DIY wind energy systems.

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What we do in the workshop

We build a small wind turbine based on the Hugh Piggott design which is known for it’s simplicity and reliability. We use simple materials and parts to build all components of the turbine (generator, rotor, frame, tail) by ourselves in the workshop. After you participation in the workshop, you should be able to build your own turbine at home. 

You will also learn how the wind turbine is used as a source of energy in a stand alone (off-grid) or in a grid connected system.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is interested! PureSelfMade has developed workshop concepts for institutions such as universities, schools and associations as well as for individual groups. 

Our workshops target people of all ages from 13 years onwards. We learn from each other, next to each other. Typical group size is between 5 and 15 people. Languages: German or English

No special knowledge or experience is required.

Workshop Video

See what happens at a PureSelfMade wind turbine course.

Recorded 2020 during a Workshop in Cobstädt, Germany

Upcoming Wind Turbine Workshops


30. Oct – 2. Nov.  2020

Diendorf am Kamp, AT
This wind turbine Workshop will take place in Robert Paget’s Off-Grid cheese dairy. The 2F Piggott turbine built in this course will later produce energy for the local off-grid system.
Workshop time: 9:00 – 17:30
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Cost: 299€

Accommodation is available in the area.
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Building the Rotor

It is hand made from wood. Here it is being drilled with the right hole pattern for mounting

Building the turbine steel frame

Welding is a very useful technique – and not so difficult to learn!
In the workshop you will get a basic welding introduction!

Building the generator

Hand wound coils, assembled and cast in resin. Two magnet discs and a car wheel hub make the story complete.

The Piggott Wind Turbine Design

In the workshop we use the wind turbine design of our good friend Hugh Piggott. It’s a reliable, simple and solid wind turbine concept that has been developed by Hugh Piggott for locally built wind turbines. The beauty of the design is the fact that it can be built using basic tools even with little handcrafting experience. 

Therefore, it is perfect for the purpose of education.

It can easily compete with commercial small wind turbines in terms of performance and reliability, which is proved by many successful installations worldwide.

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