Radio controlled model plane projects

RC-model plane building courses !IMG_20150324_093256

Since many years I have been building all different kinds of radio controlled stuff. Mostly planes, but also boats and other things.

I started giving DIY workshop courses mostly on schools, where we built some rc models. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with interested people. I those courses we built everything from simple gliders to powerful electric planes –  all DIY! I never bought a ready-to-fly kit, I always built everything myself. I mostly use Depron, a 6mm thick styrofoam sheet that works really nice for light-weight constructions. I work with brushless motors and LiPo batteries.

In the workshops people learn how to cut, grind, and glue materials like styrofoam and wood, set up a RC system, deal with electric things like motors and batteries, calculate wings & plane structure and many more things….

I’ve been giving these workshops on schools since 2011, mostly on a monthly basis.

I’m very flexible regarding course format, time schedule, content… it will always fit the needs of a group!