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Wind Turbine Workshops

Learn how to build a small wind turbine. Hand made & from simple materials using the Piggott turbine design. 


Get a wide range of practical workshop skills and background knowledge on small wind energy systems.

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 What we do 

We develop sustainable Do-It-Yourself solutions for energy production and e-mobility. Straight from the field, with maximum impact.

We share hands-on knowledge in our workshops and develop DIY concepts & manuals for wind and solar energy, home built e-mobility and other fun things like radio controlled planes. Our aim is to create self-empowerment by sharing hands-on skills!

Universities & Schools

Our hands-on focused workshops offer a complete hands-on experience in the field of renewable energy. 

We have established several successful collaborations with universities & schools in the past years.

Our practical approach gives engineering and physics a new face. It allows students to discover their talents and build confidence for their later career.

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20    wind turbines built in workshops

220   people inspired in workshops

We did projects in the following countries:
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Hi, I'm Jonathan

Hi, I'm Jonathan

founder / project coordinator / workshop leader

I started PureSelfMade to develop and spread DIY knowledge on renewable energies. I believe in simple but effective solutions. I'm an enthusiast on home built small wind turbines, off-grid systems and other DIY projects. I teach hands-on workshops and publish on I enjoy making people see things from a different perspective! > Read about my background

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